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Parallel Profits

Direct marketing is one of the ways of marketing through which direct contact with the consumer and direct marketing of the product without the need to use the media and advertising printed on newspapers and magazines, and direct marketing focuses on measuring the ability of individuals and society to market product and measure the positive and negative reactions to this the product.

Direct marketing objectives

Direct marketing is characterized by its specificity. Its objectives vary greatly and completely from other types of marketing, and can be summarized as follows:

Ensure the repeated sale of the product to the same consumer: This is done by keeping the consumer’s data, his name, telephone number and place of residence with constant contact with him so that the sales process becomes easier and faster, and most of the time comes to 20% of the sales depending on this method of repeated sale to the same Consumer.

Marketing of new products: The database allows consumers to easily access the consumer when starting to introduce a new product in the market and to know their opinions about this product and the positive and negative things they encountered when using it, and what modifications should be added to the product to ensure its repeated sale to the consumer, The ability to examine the consumer’s acceptance of this product and make the necessary adjustments before it is put on the market, thus contributing to the provision of effort and ensure profit.

Providing a new means of distributing the product: Through this method, companies can provide a faster, easier and cheaper way to distribute the product directly to the consumer. This direct distributive method also provides advice and advice to the consumer and clarifies how the product is used and its importance.

Direct marketing means

Direct marketing focuses on direct communication with the consumer, which is in several ways:

Direct mail: This method is used to send mail directly to the consumer’s personal email address or home address or address of his place of business in order to present new goods to the consumer or to ensure the continuity of the relationship with him.

Telecommuting: This type of communication is by means of modern means of communication such as the phone to communicate with the consumer and the introduction of new products and remind him of old products and how much he wants to buy them.

E-marketing: It is also known as home marketing, and it is through the Internet or the media such as television or radio or through magazines and newspapers, all of which aim to convey direct information about the product to the consumer at home, but it is difficult here to measure the degree of consumer acceptance and acceptance of this product.