What Is Ecommerce Business? How To Build A Profitable Online Store

What Is Ecommerce Business? How To Build A Profitable Online Store! With the growing global trade openness and the growth of the electronic network, the concepts of trade and multiple trading methods have evolved to include the concept of e-commerce, which has become an important academic field for many students to establish a functional or commercial future.

7 Figure Cycle Review course is concerned with trade in all its forms of goods or services, but in electronic form, and it is completely different from the administrative information systems, whose main task is to serve the Organization and its administrative levels in reaching its decisions and structure electronically.

Unfortunately, however, there is no university in Saudi Arabia yet, with the trend now of e-business even at the state level.

This specialization is a mixture of management and information technology. There is no direct specialization in many management schools, such as e-commerce or e-business, but often falls under the Department of Information Systems, or may be in the Information Technology College or the College of Management or Commerce.

The specialization of electronic commerce or electronic business management, the specialty of the concept of an apparent, anonymous, easy, abstainers, we still do not know much,

This specialization aims to provide students with knowledge in three main areas:

• Business and trade between theory and practice, including accounting, marketing and legal knowledge.

• Electronic commerce and knowledge technology, to support the development of e-commerce systems and business solutions, including strategic planning, system analysis, design and programming of basic knowledge, databases and electronic commerce networks.

• Humanitarian and community issues, including projects and change management, human factors in computer use, behavioral, ethical, legal and security issues in e-commerce, and community impacts.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

The Difference Between Ecommerce And Ebusiness

It is common for many to use E-COMMARCE as e-commerce, but this is a common mistake that does not take into account the difference between them.

What is E-business (electronic business)?

E-business is more extensive and comprehensive than e-commerce. E-business is based on the idea of ​​automating performance in the relationship between two frameworks of work, extending to other administrative, productive, financial and service activities, and not only the relationship of the seller or supplier to the customer; it extends to the relationship of the entity with its agents, employees and clients; To the patterns of work performance, evaluation and control, and within the concept of electronic business, there is the electronic factory, the electronic bank, the electronic insurance company, and automated government services, which are evolving concepts at the present time towards Vhom is more comprehensive e-government and any facility may establish a network (eg, intranet) to manage its business and the performance of its employees and linking them. While e-commerce is a commercial activity, in particular sales and purchase contracts, service request and receipt of technical mechanisms and within a technical environment.

In short ..

What Is Ecommerce Business?

E-commerce: specializes in the process of converting paperwork to electronic work and interested in sales and purchase during the Internet and tend more to the administrative side than to the technical aspect .. Focus on computer materials..E-Business Management: Focus on management materials..

Interests and skills needed to succeed in this area:

– Has a great knowledge of how to work and establish and manage websites
– Has extensive knowledge of networking skills
– Has the desire to learn more about the most important face of Internet and communications
– Has the passion to learn more about how websites like eBay and paypall work
– likes to learn the principles of trade between companies electronically

Career Future – Job Opportunities:

For the modernity of this specialization, opportunities are not abundant despite the huge trend towards it by universities, countries and institutions ..

However, going to this specialization indicates a brighter future. Banks that have specialized departments to operate their electronic services (such as stock services, electronic account management services and corporate services) need this specialization and look for graduates.

As well as governments with a view to electronic governments providing all their services electronically.
There are also job opportunities with some private companies providing Internet services and advertising.
There is a great opportunity for the graduate to start his own work easily and at lower costs.

One of the jobs that a graduate of e-commerce or e-business can occupy:

• Business Analyst
• International Business Specialist
• Data analyst
• An online business consultant
• Consultant
• Emerging Projects Manager
• Information Systems Analyst
• Strategic Information Systems Manager
• Information security consultant
• Web developer
• Archiving Specialist
• Knowledge Manager
• Office / Information Services Specialist
• Electronic Records Manager
• Site Manager
• Government sites supervisor
• Marketer or advertiser online
• Online retail service provider
• Specialist in academic education in the same specialization

Ecommerce Business

A natural evolution of shopping methods calls for dealing with it without alertness or disapproval, and has turned into a huge economic sector producing imaginary figures.

This scene, in harmony with the demands of the times, raises legitimate questions about bitcoin code commerce that are spreading and expanding in the world, and whether they have the negative effects of losing basic elements and elements of the normal trade, which make us conservative in characterizing traditional trade. The time is not yet ripe. Perhaps it does not come as the victors say of daily shopping as a need, habit, culture and behavior.

Selling and buying transactions are the backbone of human communication throughout history. We almost summarize human civilization and chronicle it as it began to meet a vendor with Shar. What can be founded at this moment is the formation of the concepts of need for communication, diversity and development with the accompanying cultural consequences, social activities and scientific developments. And others.

E-commerce is a natural evolution of shopping methods, and it is not necessary to receive it with pride or disapproval. Today, it has become a huge economic sector that produces fictional figures such as sales of $ 1 billion in 5 minutes or $ 5 billion in 60 minutes, Known in China.

The world is not immune to this qualitative leap in shopping. A huge global e-shopping platform has been launched. The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) holds 50% of its capital in partnership with investors from around the world.

Global eCommerce Statistics And Trends 2018

The volume of e-commerce in the world grew from 1 percent in 2000 to nearly 10 percent this year.

Some describe e-commerce as a fleeting wave of fashion or fashion, and trade will soon settle on its original version, for reasons and data that limit its expansion, including a technique to question the feasibility of addressing the technological loopholes and loopholes that can occur in the midst of this fast-paced digital world, Related to the human nature of direct human communication, and what it means psychologically in the process of building confidence and extend the bridges of acquaintance and create the familiarity that are necessary in the sales and purchase.

On the other hand, many people who like normal or traditional shopping and refuse to shop online are buying and selling from parallel activities that can not be available to you in front of the computer screen. The most important ones are the meetings, surprises and vacations that can occur during the actual shopping and walking through the corridors of goods You drive a vehicle with someone you love or share the same passion with.

How often do you find yourself obliged to walk among the corridors of goods without having to buy anything, and how often do we meet dear ones we have not seen for a long time in a mall or even in a small grocery store, and how often pleasant surprises and meetings that shape our destinies occur during a trip. Which established the literature of flights and the interaction of civilizations and the alienation of cultures .. but for the emergence of nations and the birth of States.

In order not to glorify the ordinary shopping methods that may be a day old, it is better to pay attention to the advantages of e-commerce and the accompanying innovation and to meet the spirit of individual may not exist in its counterpart, the e-commerce market is competitive so the activist to look at Areas where he has an advantage.

This may mean selling the product you design, selling to a community in niche markets, catching new trends early, and ensuring that you have a sustainable product and growth from the beginning that helps lay a solid foundation for your 7 Figure Cycle Review e-commerce.

Customers do not need to travel or wait in line to buy a particular product, nor do they have to move the product home. Buying a product does not require more than just clicking the product, and entering some information about your credit card.

In addition to credit cards, there are many appropriate payment systems such as electronic money. E-commerce offers a great opportunity to visit various types of online shops, and in addition provides customers with full product information, all without any pressure from sellers.

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